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Company Overview

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Our Mission

To build capacity and improve on the governance and management of the energy and mining sectors, through critical analysis, tailored research and training.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To become the leading independent consultancy firm that meets practical needs required for the improved management and governance of the energy and mining sectors.


Our Values

 Independence
 Result Oriented
 Transparency and Accountability
 Team Spirit
 Mutual Trust and Respect


Founded by Dr Victoria Nalule, Nalule Energy and Mining Consultancy (NEM) is an independent energy & mining consultancy firm.


NEM offers advisory services to a wide range of clients, including governments, national oil companies, energy and mining ministries, NGOs, academia and the private sector.


With the global move to transition to a low-carbon economy and the desire for ‘energy poor’ countries to utilise all the energy resources for economic development- NEM has been a focal point for offering tailored solutions to the unique challenges faced by both developing and developed countries with respect to energy and mineral governance. NEM has been approached directly by governments to review energy/mining laws and offer tailored trainings to government officials.


We work with governments, NGOs, academia, the private sector, public institutions, local authorities, regional organisations and private institutions.