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International Mining Aspects

  • The mining sector is increasing becoming crucial due to the important role of critical minerals in the energy transition era
  • We offer advice and specialised training on negotiating mining agreements
  • We review and make extensive expert comments on the effectiveness of the mining laws, regulations and fiscal regime
  • Our training services have helped our clients understand how mining rights are granted, the production process, and decommissioning
  • We offer specialised training on ASM, including legislation and formalisation.
  • We ensure that our clients understand the various generation of mining laws, policies, regulations and fiscal regimes. This necessitates NEM Energy tailored research on how the mining industry previously worked and how it will move towards a sustainable future


Other key issues you will learn from our specialised mining training and research include:

  • History of Mining in different countries and its impact today.
  • Land justice and the mining sector.
  • The nature of mining rights.
  • Mineral economics and options for mineral taxation.
  • Mining disputes avoidance and resolution.
  • Social Licence to Operate in the Mining sector; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Social, environmental, and sustainability issues surrounding mining projects.
  • The regulatory and contractual model surrounding a mining project.
  • The ways investors allocate risk over the long term.
  • The different stages of the industry, including recognising the changing place of minerals in the world economy.
  • The choices facing governments and companies in the development and governance of the mining sector.