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International, national and regional energy aspects and principles

  • We ensure that our clients understand the crucial role of the energy sector.
  • We offer training and research on aspects of energy access; energy progression; energy security; energy justice; energy transitions; just transition to a low carbon economy.
  • We also cover training on electricity and gas regulation: the legal structure of electricity and gas industries, and the liberalisation of energy markets.
  • Natural gas a bridge to more renewable power in this energy transition era.
  • Energy disputes at the local, national and international level: and the various dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Climate Change impacts and the influences of environmental standards in energy governance and development.
  • The allocation of risk between producers / generators and suppliers.
  • Energy Project financing.
  • Striking a balance between government/community needs and private investors services.
  • Multiple and complex challenges facing the energy industry, such as decarbonisation, wide scale digitisation, and decentralisation.
  • An understanding the fundamental drivers of various energy markets, such as oil, gas, and electric power.
  • Energy finance and management.
  • An understanding of emissions trading and renewable energy markets.
  • Disclosure and transparency, ethics and equality as they relate to the energy sector.
  • Energy economics.
  • The role of international and national law, looking at the legislative and policy steps that countries are putting in place to help achieve climate change.