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Petroleum contract negotiations and training

  • An analysis and understanding of the different provisions of the petroleum agreement, including stabilisation clauses.
  • Our research and training ensure that our clients get a clear understanding of how governments regulate the oil industry.
  • An understanding of the structure of the contracts and agreements needed to allocate risk to individual companies.
  • An understanding of the rules and regulations set out by producer governments dealing with oil and gas investors.
  • Petroleum economics and the influence of changing oil prices.
  • Risk sharing mechanisms amongst investors.
  • Fundamentals of the oil market, natural gas and liquid natural gas.
  • Shale oil and gas.
  • The fundamental types of Upstream Petroleum Contracts.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of Upstream Petroleum Contracts and how it is suitable for specific types of projects.
  • Concessions, Production Sharing and Risk Service Contract, important details and suitability for any oil and gas upstream project.
  • The role of JOA in upstream petroleum contracting Conciliation, Mediation and Settlement of Disputes.
  • Understanding the essentials terms of unitisation and farm-in, farm-out agreements.